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Balancing is a constant dynamic activity. It is vital to our health, coordination, and safety. Balance is a learned function and it needs to be constantly addressed. It is conditioned by activities that challenge and demand stability.

After the age of 65 balancing becomes more challenging. There is a phrase that states, “if you use it, you won’t lose it.”

Balance problems for seniors are more prevalent and critical than below 65 years of age. The older we get the more imbalanced we become.

Many problems occur when the body stops moving, which is why it is important to continue regular activity even in old age. Proper instructions and retraining exercises will improve, restore, and maintain balance stability.

When you work with In-Home Physical Therapy, Mr. David Wetzel will determine a Daily Exercise Program to keep your muscles moving and focus on maintaining stability.

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Gait & Balance Retraining Physical Therapy

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