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“Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite,” is an ol’ pioneer saying. They knew and treasured the value of sleep. Their hay drawn beds were tightly knitted together to support the body as best it could and prevent slumping. The bugs in the straw would eventually navigate into various parts of the body and bite. Fortunately we’ve progressed past those mattress days, but the point is they valued a good night’s sleep after working the hay all day.

Many of us have difficulty sleeping. Sleep deprivation has devastating effects on our health and is accumulative over a lifetime. We pay dearly for our lack of sleep. Just a few changes can help us get normal sleep patterns back again. A good night sleep is refreshing, invigorating, healthy, and normal, but today it is becoming uncommon. The body needs to be in a neutral position to let go and totally relax, otherwise your sleep is not complete.

Proper bed support is essential to allow the body to have less strain on the back. The cervical, thoracic and lumbar discs need to unload as a result of loading the entire day. Total relaxation can be achieved only when the body is able to let go and feel fully supported and comfortable. It needs to totally relax and unwind.

Being able to roll comfortably on your side to get up off the bed is a two-step, not a one-step process to avoid straining and more pain. Proper body mechanics is essential.

In-Home Physical Therapy has a valuable program for anyone experiencing issues with sleeping. Mr. David Wetzel, PT, will walk you through a few steps to make your sleep refreshing again.

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