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People of all ages are prone to have dizziness, or vertigo, and have a condition called “BPPV” which stands for “Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.” You may not remember how to say or spell it, but you will know you have it once you experience a vertigo episode.

There are three canals for balance. Loose ‘crystals’ in the canals create a brief intense uncontrollable spinning sensation. They are usually provoked by lying down in bed, sitting up from lying, standing up, bending over looking downward and then looking upward like tipping your head backward to look up.

Proper care and management of your vestibular system will reduce your fear of falling and give you the confidence to manage your own vertigo next time it happens.

This condition is correctable with a maneuver, but should be performed by a professional. Mr. David Wetzel, PT, with In-Home Physical Therapy will help you control your BPPV. 

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