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Home Safety Evaluations

A Home Safety Evaluation is important in maintaining safety in our homes.

Take for example the danger zones. Each home has its own danger zones. The kitchen and the bathroom are especially dangerous and vulnerable to injury and even death if not careful.

Reinforced grab bars around the tub, shower chair, and shower areas are one way to better protect yourself from falls. Proper footing non-slick surface material to prevent sliding. Thick rugs are vulnerable to dragging and tripping over, so it is best to avoid these. Ramping and wide hallways are a necessity for motorized forms of transportation. Lower kitchen cabinets reachable to the disabled are a safety concern of overhead breakable objects.

Many factors are considered in a safety evaluation and all are vital for your protection and safety regardless of age. Mr. David Wetzel, PT, with In-Home Physical Therapy, can help you identify the danger zones and hazards in your home.

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