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Manual therapy is vital to restoring active range of motion, flexibility, and function to various injured parts of the body. It involves several treatment modalities of stretching, mobilizing, improving function, and decreasing pain. A physical therapist is skilled in the ability to restore injured legs, arms, shoulders, backs, and necks to their proper level. Tissue modification techniques can reduce various types of pain fibers in the body.  

Various physical stimuli can be applied to remodel and change these noxious degenerative nodular and scarred formations. The Stym Treatment is one of them, the Graston Technique, the Knobber and others are used to release pressure tense fibers, tightness, increase range of motion, decrease pain, re-align tissues, and generate healthy tissues.

Mr. David Wetzel, PT, with In-Home Physical Therapy will determine the best treatment for each unique case. The appropriate type of stimuli and instrument will be evaluated by the therapist to fit the need of each individual. These manual therapy techniques enable tissue to be modified, changed, diminish pain, and return function as much as possible.

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Manual physical therapy